Locket Styles For Anyone

Posted on December 21 2018

Photo lockets are amazing pieces of jewellery that can be worn by anyone, but there are several styles of locket from the more outlandish to the more reserved kinds, so which one should you choose? 

Below we round up some of the main kinds of locket that you will encounter when looking for lockets.

Crystal Bling

Some styles of locket are very glitzy and are designed to catch the eye and focus the attention on the necklace.

These are often available in standard shapes such as hearts and basic shapes like circles and squares. 

Their elaborate and glamorous nature of these lockets means that they are perfect if your locket has a photo that you want to show off and talk about a lot, as they will always be a conversation starter!

Crystal design pendants and lockets are usually available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to make matching them with your outfit or personality easy. 

You can even match them with the photo inside, such as a blue locket as a Christening gift for a little boy's Mum!

Classic Plain

Plain silver or gold lockets are a classic look that will always be welcome  gifts for anyone who loves to carry picture of pets, friends of family around. 

Often they are decorated with small details such as a crystal stud or some silver/gold styling but they are largely plain which makes them a very versatile piece of jewellery which will match itself with any and all outfits. 

They are useful for personal pictures that you may not necessarily want to talk about, but want to keep close such as deceased family members or pets.

Unusual Shapes

Some lockets come in weird and wonderful shapes that make unique pieces of jewellery and conversation pieces for your outfit. 

Although they may not match everything, keeping them for certain outfits or special occasions is a great way to wear your locket, especially if the locket design is relevant to the picture your have which could be of a touching memory or something that has sentimental value. 

These are less common than standard silver and gold lockets and tend to be made more often out of alloys rather than rare materials, much like costume jewellery.

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