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Matthew Rann

Posted on November 12 2015

Not Sure What Kind of Photo To Upload?

A short guide on the sort of photographs to upload for an Annalise Photo Charm

With a little bit of creative direction, your photographs can be turned into a gem fit for a charm, so if you were wondering what sort of photograph to take, here's a short guide:


1) Negative space is really helpful

If your subject's face/s are too close to the edge of the photograph, it might be difficult for the Annalise team to work their magic in order to get the perfect fit. Try not to crop your images before uploading them (we'll take care of that part), because your subjects should be in the centre of the image.


2) Group photos are not ideal


We have many charm designs that can take more than one photograph, so if you would like more than one face on a charm, two faces are the maximum that can be converted to a charm with minimal loss in detail. Ideally, the two faces in each photograph should be close together.


3) Keep things light

Black and white pictures are absolutely gorgeous as photo charms, so if you'd like to see how yours would turn out as a charm, remember to shoot a focused image in an environment with a good light sort. Even as an artistic black and white image, blurry images cannot be corrected by the team, so try to at least upload a bright, clear and in-focus photo.


Follow your heart

Annalise has a team of professional photographers who are more than capable to restore and perfect any image that may not necessarily “make the cut”. Don’t worry about your image being unable to tick any of the above boxes. If the pictures mean everything to you, then we will do our utmost best to make sure that we make it work.


Just upload and order your charm anyway, and Annalise professional photographers will be more than happy to advise you on what they can do to help.



Still Unsure? Email us your photos and we'll help you out!

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